I build reliable code and systems

Hi, I'm Felix! 👋

— About Me

I am a Software Developer with a strong background in low-level, research-y work using Rust/C++/C, as well as in high-level Web-related work in Scala(JS), Rust, HTML, CSS, etc.

I enjoy working with modern stacks and efficient technologies most, and new programming languages and technologies are things I pick up quickly. Recently I have also started to enjoy frontend work a lot, especially Web-related.

In the past I have contributed to various open-source projects, including, e.g., the Rust-compiler and NixOS/nixpkgs. I majorly enjoy engaging with, and participating in, all the communities that open-source has produced!

I am a big fan of strongly typed languages, correctness, and of covering as many edge cases as possible before (my) code hits production. I also like to work in a team and understand the value of clear, early and regular communication and feedback, from other developers as well as from more design- and/or product-related roles.

In my free time I like to travel (sometimes Digital Nomad-style), go bouldering or climbing, and read up on the newest programming languages and technologies. My main OS nowadays is NixOS, which I really enjoy. You can check out my system configuration here.

This website is built using Rust, Maud, Tailwindcss and Cloudflare Workers. The source code is available on github.

— Professional Experience

Software Engineer | Priceloop • Jan 2023 — April 2024

At Priceloop, I was responsible for frontend as well as backend development. I worked on a reactive web application in Scala (compiled to Javascript), as well as working with Scala, Postgres, AWS, and more in the backend.

During my time at Priceloop, I

  • Helped build a no-code platform for pricing calculations and optimizations.
  • Worked with ScalaJS and the reactive Outwatch-library in the frontend, and Scala in the backend to realize the platform.
  • Worked with Rust to maintain and extend an important backend service of our platform.
  • Maintained Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines (using GitHub CI).
  • Worked with AWS services (e.g., S3, RDS, EC2, Lambda), which were managed and deployed using terraform.
  • Performed extensive work in building complex SQL-queries (for PostgreSQL), including building an abstraction to ensure correct transaction isolation levels for the platform.

PhD Student | COMSYS • 2016 — 2022

I started (but did not finish) - a PhD in Computer Science at the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems at RWTH Aachen University. My research was focused on automated testing and reliability for (distributed) software, particularly using Symbolic Execution with KLEE.

During my time as a PhD student, I

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